Friday, February 15, 2013

No Job Too Big or Too Small! Call Us Today!


Dave Lange Sewer Service is a family owned and operated company based in Suffolk County that offers a variety of sewer services.  Our trained experts specialize in new installations, maintenance, cesspool repairs and septic systems for residential, commercial and industrial customers.  We are committed to making your life easier but quick and effectively completing each job!  And Remember, no job is too big or too small for us to handle!

Emergencies can happen at any time, thus we are available 24/7 for all your emergency and scheduled cesspool needs.

Our Services Include:
Cesspool Installations
Preventative Maintenance
Smoke Testing
Vactor Service
Rotary Line Cleaning
Cesspoool Certifications
Electronic Locating
Sewer Jetting

Other products we service include:  Cesspools, septic tanks, sewers, sinks, tubs, toilets, dry wells, grease traps and portable toilets.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter Plumbing Tips!


The winter weather bring on a variety of problems!  Freezing temperatures, snow and ice can can major issues on your plumbing system.  We've provides you will a list of precautionary steps that can be taken to prevent plumbing tragedies from occurring.
  • Make sure the filters for your oil burner and furnace have been clean or replaced.
  • Insulate all exposed pipes to prevent from freezing.
  • Insulate other areas that may allow cold icy wind to blow on pipes.
  • Remove and drain all hose bibs.
  • It's best to use pipe wrap and heat tape in other areas prone to cold.
  •  Install a pressure reducing valve if your home has 70 lbs. per square inch or more.
  • It's best to replace your hot water heater after 10 years of use.
  • Know where the main water valve is located within your home.  This is important for any future emergencies.
  • Have a plumbers contact information available in case of an emergency.
  • Install inexpensive water alarms next to pipes.
  • Replace washing machines hoses
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Tourism Industry Remains Healthy!


Margaret Markey Chairwoman of the Assembly Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development, presided over a public hearing to discuss the redevelopment of New York’s “I Love New York” brand and its influence on the state’s economy. 

New York’s tourism industry is very important to the state’s income and also to its economy.  Last year the tourism industry sustained 700,000 jobs statewide.  New York welcomed 76.2 million visitors resulting in $54 billion in direct tourism spending and about $7 billion in state and local tax revenue in 2011, an 8.3 percent growth since 2010.  A growth in the revenue also led to a growth in tourism related employment, creating jobs is as important as it has ever been, and tourism remains the fifth largest employer in the United States.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed a $5 million advertising competition for the best regional marketing plans to create incentive in the counties to work together to create a cohesive environment.  

One of the programs proposes and $800,000 public relations campaign that will increase and effectively utilize the use of social media and improvements to the “I Love New York” Web site with the continuation of the public service announcement series “I Love New York travel tips.”  Markey focused on the affect of Hurricane Sandy on tourism and especially the state parks in Long Island. The 2012-13 budget allotted $94 million to state parks for infrastructure repairs.  The redevelopment to the iconic “I Love New York” brand should be headed by a leader who is capable of bringing our great state back to being the travel and destination leader it once was.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hear What People are saying about Dave Lange Sewer Service Inc.!


Dave Lange Sewer Service is a family owned and operated cesspool Service Company. Our services include but are not limited to new cesspools, and septic tank installations and maintenance for your commercial or residential needs.

No job too big or too small! Feel free to give us a call today for a consultation (631) 447-5252.  Below is a compiled list of some of our recommends from our valued customers.

“THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!.  I lost my engagement ring down a commercial sewer drain and Dave Lange Sewer got it back for me 2 days later.  They were so attentive to my husband and I during this heart breaking moment… Words can’t express the gratitude.”
-Melissa Whitehead Mulkeen

“This is the best service I have ever used!  They did a great job and they were very clean.  You guys are awesome and I would recommend you to all my friends.”
-Linda H.

“Dave Lange Sewer Service is awesome!  They came so quickly after we called and did a fantastic job.  The service guy was completely professional and helpful.  Thank you to Chris and your team for providing exceptional service to your customers.  We will absolutely recommend you to all of our friends!”
-Dawn B.

“GREAT JOB TODAY, it’s nice to have someone that is honest…..John was very hard working.  I already have recommended you to my friend Tom…. Thanks!”

“Dave Lange is the best company, bar none when it comes to the folks who own it!  Congratulations to everyone who has the good sense to call him when a problem arises.”
-Richard P.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Residential Services from Dave Lange!


Dave Lange Sewer Service offers a number of residential services to keep the plumbing in your house running smoothly without any problems!

Problems with plumbing or piping in your house are often not do-it-yourself projects, which is why it is important to take preventive measures before you have a problem on your hands.  This should be a high priority on that 2013 new years to-do-list.  Dave Lange Sewer Service offers pumping, cleaning, chemical treatment, preventative maintenance and installation for your Cesspool, also drain cleaning video inspection and vactor services.   A cesspool is a mini on site sewage treatment system installed when municipal sewage systems are not available.  The county health department recommends that you have your septic tank serviced at least once every two years by a licensed septic hauler.  This will help avoid costly backups and repairs to the cesspool.  

Dave Lange Sewer Service has been installing cesspool systems on Long Island for over 40 years, no job is to big or small and will be executed with extreme care and professionalism!  We are available 24/7 and specialized in emergency response for jobs that demand immediate attention.  We are not limited to cesspool services, we also offer a wide array drain cleaning that includes washing machine and gutter lines, sinks, showers, toilets and much more.  

Don’t “waste” time contact us now at (631) 477-5252 for information on service and free estimates on installations.  

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays from Dave Lange Sewer Service!


We want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season! We hope that the coming year will bring you peace, good health, good cheer and much prosperity!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sewage Problems Still Causing Sandy Victims Problems


Nearly five weeks after the East Coast was hammered by Hurricane Sandy, an abundance of Long Island residents are still facing unsafe and vile sewage problems.  In a WCBS-TV report, Larry Villegas of Bay Park showed his basement full of thick muck from his overflowing sewage water.  Still today, hundreds of Long Island residents are trying to manage the disgusting smell lining their homes.

The sewage system in Mr. Villegas area is managed by the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, who has pledged to pay for the decontamination for Bay Park residents.  The contracted crew to help the efforts told WCBS they are gutting eight houses a day while working around the clock.  Villegas stated, “That’s priority one—get the cleanup done. Get the mold and the sewer water out of the house so I can start rebuilding my life.” 

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